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Our Story

Ephrata Farm, LLC is farm with a vegetable plantation that will be based on the outskirts of Racine, Wisconsin, in the United States. The farm is 8.82 acres of land.

We will leverage open-field farming to cultivate various vegetables and herbs while pursuing research into the possibility of expanding into mushrooms and more.

We are in the vegetable farming business because we want to use the vast opportunities available in the agriculture industry to contribute our quota in assisting the S.E. Wisconsin Community. We will do this by providing food to local pantries, selling through CSA, and using most of the funds from the farm for our nonprofit. We intend to supply quality, affordable, organic vegetables to customers across S.E. Wisconsin.

We have put processes and strategies in place that will help us employ best practices in vegetable farming as required by the regulating bodies in the United States of America.

Ephrata Farm, LLC is a private registered commercial farm owned by Charles, Tsiltiyah Fogle, and immediate family members. The company will be fully managed by the owners – Charles and Tsiltiyah Fogle,

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