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Support Sustainable
Farming with the Goal of Helping the Community

Ephrata Farm enriches Southeastern Wisconsin with fresh, affordable vegetables delivered directly to your door. From our local farm in Union Grove, Racine, our produce promises taste and satisfaction, enhancing your culinary experience weekly or monthly.

We are dedicated to transforming lives through comprehensive support and empowerment initiatives. Starting with essential services, we aim to expand gradually, ensuring effective management and impactful outcomes. Our current focus is on a collaborative partnership project in SE Wisconsin, uniting our farm and nonprofit. Together, we provide crucial support systems—education, housing, classes, food, necessities, and jobs—to underserved communities. Our goal is to foster self-sufficiency and holistic well-being—financially, spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, and relationally. At our all-inclusive center, individuals receive the respect, confidence, and compassion they deserve."

 "Proceeds from our farm are dedicated to supporting our nonprofit mission. By investing in our services and products, you directly contribute to the sustainability of our impactful initiatives."

Thank you for visiting our website. We wish you a wonderful day and look forward to partnering with you in building a brighter future together.

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